Master Lord Maitreya

The Ascended Master of the 11th Divine Ray is Lord Maitreya.

Master Lord Maitreya is wise and has a strong charisma. He is the ruler and ascended master of the 11th ray. The teachings of Lord Maitreya are a synthesis of existence, love and wisdom. He leads people on the right path. Each incarnation provides different reasons for one’s existence. Life and learning tasks are to be fulfilled, so that a further development of the soul can take place. On the way of goal fulfillment there are distractions or sometimes irritations. In these phases of life Lord Maitreya reminds of one’s own destiny and acts considerately on the person seeking advice. His task is to let know through his energy and messages what the plan of life provides. He is like a guardian or controller over the person so that self-set tasks are solved during the lifetime. The energy of the world leader consists of a pleasant kindness. He promotes a compassion that ignites the desire to be of service to all beings. Mutual support is an important element of advancement for everyone and can be useful in one’s own attainment of the guidelines. In addition, the Ascended Master embodies a loving devotion and awakens the knowledge in people. The wisdom forms the basic framework for the further steps and decisions. Lord Maitreya is considered the forerunner of the golden age.

Themes of 11th Divine Ray

The themes that this Ascended Master stands for are joy, cheerfulness and the feeling of doing what the life plan provides and enthusiasm.

Energy of 11th Divine Ray

His energy is described as cheerful, wise, kind and knowing.

Color Assignment

The color of the 11th divine ray is peach.

History & Background

The name Maitreya was derived from “Maitri”. This means in translation “universal love, kindness and friendship”. He is first described in Sanskrit. Beyond passions, he conveys love.

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