Meaning Number 15

The meaning of the number 15 includes directness. One’s own path should be followed independently and without the influence of external influences.

The odd natural number 15 is between the fourteen and the sixteen. In Italian and French, a total of 15 days is meant when the time is 2 weeks. In the Catholic tradition of Central America, the 15th birthday is celebrated as the transition to adulthood. The Roman notation for the 15 is XV.

Angel Number 15

In angel numerology, the angel number 15 is considered a phase for change. The angels indicate that one’s own views, thoughts and values will change. This has an impact on different areas of life, because now also the decisions will be different than before. For the realization of one’s own goals it is helpful if positive thoughts, visualizations and affirmations are chosen.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 15 corresponds to that of the number 6.

Numerology & Tarot

The number 15 corresponds to the card The Devil in the Tarot. This card symbolizes the lack of will and temptation. Situations arise in which the seductiveness is put to the test. Caution is advised! Moments guided by fate lead to entanglements and dependencies. Likewise, one’s own seductive skills increase.

Dream Interpretation Number 15

The number 15 stands in a dream for the one action without detours. Directly and single-mindedly goals are pursued. Thus a form of liberation and self-realization succeeds. Distractions or attempts to interrupt are futile. They rather trigger conflicts and disturbances in the togetherness.

Positive Aspects

Breaking free from constricting circumstances brings joy and relief. Creative development increases and self-esteem rises.

Negative Aspects

Liberated steps are sometimes wobbly and unsteady. This leaves a confused impression. Opinion changes at this time, creating unrest.