Meaning Number 16

The meaning of the number 16 includes the inner conflict between the urge for independence and the desire for a harmonious family construct. Thus, the need for freedom and the fulfillment of duty are opposed to each other.

The even number 16 is located between the fifteen and the seventeen. The square number has a strong meaning in everyday legal life. The right to drink alcoholic beverages and to stay in some restaurants without the accompaniment of an adult is possible. Sixteen is a milestone on the way to adulthood. The Roman notation for the 16 is XVI.

Angel Number 16

In angel numerology, the angel number 16 is seen as an opportunity for further development. The angels encourage decisions of changes. What has happened so far belongs to the past and the new reality can be created through affirmations or positive thoughts.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 16 corresponds to that of the number 7. (1+6=7)

Numerology & Tarot

The number 16 corresponds in the Tarot to the card The Tower. This symbolizes destruction and a phase of upheaval. The previous construct of life changes. Sometimes sudden events occur and everything known suddenly breaks away. In less dramatic times, the transformations can be accepted and the events can be seen as an opportunity for transformation .

Dream Interpretation Number 16

The number 16 in a dream stands for the search for individual development with simultaneous protection of family interests. Being free and obligations are opposed to each other and need a harmonious solution. Tolerant fellow men and communication are needed so that the different positions can be understood by everyone. On this basis, compromises can be found.

Positive Aspects

The desire and inner urge for independence wants to be lived. Understanding towards oneself and others creates a basis on which everything seems possible.

Negative Aspects

Dominance and moodiness are among the negative aspects of the number 16. As soon as things cannot be done in the desired way, a bad mood arises.