Meaning Number 30

The meaning of the number 30 is associated with flashes of brilliance and quick thinking, a high level of comprehension and a wealth of ideas. Connections are recognized in a short time.

The even number 30 is between the twenty-nine and the thirty-one. Thirty marks the beginning of a new decade. The time as a twenty is officially over. The 30 is the smallest of the sphenic numbers. These are numbers that result from the product of three prime numbers. The 30 is calculated from the prime numbers 2, 3 and 5 (2*3*5=30). The Roman notation for the 30 is XXX.

Angel Number 30

In angelic numerology, the angelic number 30 is considered divine assistance. The Ascended Masters and the angels are there to provide support and assistance. They may be asked to bring love and peace. One’s own light and inner joy may shine in full glory. This allows others to be enveloped in the light as well.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 30 corresponds to that of the number 3. (3+0=3)

Dream Interpretation Number 30

If the number 30 appears in a dream, the interpretation ranges from eloquence to nasty sarcasm. Thirty is a symbol for the twisting of what is said to the other person. Mental mobility is enormous and should be used wisely. People can be convinced and motivated with good rhetoric. With it they can grow beyond themselves. If the eloquence is used harmfully, it can bring disaster in the same measure.

Positive Aspects

The number thirty brings advantages especially in crisis situations and in a professional context. In just a few seconds or minutes, connections are recognized and the right conclusions are drawn. A way out is always found.

Negative Aspects

The number 30 is a sign for hurtful words up to verbal violence. The chosen words are forgotten as quickly as they were said. Nevertheless, they leave traces on the soul of the counterpart.