Meaning Number 38

The significance of the number 38 includes a keen sensitivity, good communication, and numerous karmic challenges to overcome.

The even number 38 is located between the thirty-seven and the thirty-nine. The thirty-seven and the thirty-eight form the first pair of two consecutive numbers, each of which is not divisible by any of its own digits. In addition, the 38 is the sum of the first three prime squares (2²+3²+5²=4+9+25=38). The Roman notation for the 38 is XXXVIII.

Angel Number 38

In angelic numerology, the angelic number 38 provides a link to the past. The Ascended Masters and the angels support in all material and financial matters, so that abundance comes. Memories, knowledge and wisdom from the time until birth or from a previous incarnation can give answers and be the key for new developments.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 38 corresponds to that of the number 11. (3+8=11)

Dream Interpretation Number 38

If the number 38 appears in a dream, the dreamer will face special challenges in the coming period. Thirty-eight brings a lively intellectual exchange, conversations are held and knowledge is gained. At the same time, the mastering of karmic tasks is pending, which is not always easy. In addition, the number brings a good sense of the right moment and path.

Positive Aspects

The number thirty-eight brings a very good intuition. At exactly the right moment, the gut feeling comes forward and helps to make the right decision. Sometimes there is more between the lines than is apparent at first glance. This can now be perceived.

Negative Aspects

The number 38 is an indication of moodiness and egocentricity. The mountain of tasks seems to get bigger and bigger and the motivation to cope with it gets smaller. Everything feels heavier and progress is hardly noticeable. The positive things hardly stand out or are evaluated as too small.