Meaning Number 8

The meaning of the number 8 can be described with infinity. The number 8 stands for success, career and repetition.

The even number 8 is located between the seven and the nine. The natural number is a cube number. This is created when a natural number is multiplied twice by itself: 8=2x2x2. In Chinese culture, the number eight is a lucky number and has an important place in Chinese numerology. Translated into Greek, the eight is called octopus. The Roman notation for the 8 is VIII.

Angel Number 8

The angelic number 8 is interpreted in angelic numerology as a symbol of repetition and cycle. The angels warn against going down unwanted paths again. Apparently there is no way out. Therefore, it is important to take time to realize that there is always another choice. In the realm of materiality and finances, the number 8 represents security, growth and stability.

Numerology Number 8

The meaning of the number 8 includes the business activity, the success & failure and the logical approach. The career ladder wants to be climbed and all steps seem to have been leveled before. The financial realm is equally crowned with success or failure. Since the number 8 symbolizes fate, i.e. karma, the focus is on the fulfillment of one’s life tasks. Success is certain as soon as the learning tasks are solved.

Numeroloy & Tarot

The number 8 corresponds in the Tarot to the card The Strength. The inner strength, but also the will to live and thus the life force are questioned or demanded. It is necessary to face the challenges of life and not to be fearful or reticent. Who goes ahead powerfully is an orientation for others who can follow afterwards. The card expresses one’s own bravery and existing courage.

Birthday on the 8th, 17th or 26th of a month

People who have a birthday on one of the above mentioned often experience highs and/or lows. They do not always have it easy, as they bring many karmic tasks into this life. There is often misunderstanding and they lack a sense of belonging. Therefore, they sometimes live in retreat or solitude. They are very powerful personalities who know how to fight through despite challenges.

They harmonize well with people born under their own number and under the 4th. These are people who saw the light of day on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22th, 26th or 31th of the month.

Life Number 8

The life number is calculated from the checksum of the date of birth. As an example the 16.03.1987 can be taken: 1+6+0+3+1+9+8+7=35=8

Positive Aspects

People with life number 8 are business-minded and have the ability to think clearly even in turbulent times. Therefore, they are good crisis managers. They strive for a solution and financial growth. The eight means sober decisions, no distractions and temptations. With power, perseverance and strength, even the most adverse goals are achieved.

Negative Aspects

The life number eight has a focus on the difficult sides of life. Pleasure and recreation come too short. One’s own emotional experience takes a back seat, so that one’s own needs are neither recognized nor lived. The coolness puts others off, so that loneliness and emptiness are often the result. In addition, even destructive behavior patterns are repeated again and again.

Dream Interpretation Number 8

If the 8 appears in a dream it is about repeating events and opposites. Either something is very good or very bad. The dreamer has a feeling of déjà vu and believes he cannot find a way out. Change is desperately needed, but does not happen on its own. An effort and a good plan are needed to finally escape the cycle. Especially in love matters, the number could be an indication of a fulfilled never-ending love or a toxic love.

Positive Aspects

If the love of life is found, the number eight means that it will last. The lying 8 stands for infinity and thus the beautiful things in life can go on indefinitely. The number is an indication of professional success and financial growth. With sober expertise, decisions are made that guarantee moving forward.

Negative Aspects

The number eight can indicate aberrations and confusions. In a negative mood, the number means not finding a way out. The more hectic it gets, the worse the condition becomes. Only with calmness and purposeful reflections it is possible to escape from an unwanted relationship, a job or an unpleasant situation.