Meaning Number 57

The meaning of the number 57 is associated with variety, emotional topics and the search for good conversations. The contact with others is to promote one’s own developments.

The odd number 57 is between the fifty-six and the fifty-eight. The Roman notation for the number 57 is LVII.

Angel Number 57

In angel numerology, the angel number 57 is a symbol of trust, which is needed to fulfill your wishes. The Ascended Masters and the angels help you to manifest your goals. Feel what you want to achieve and visually imagine a life of abundance. Reality so far shows little or no sign that things will move in the direction you want. Nevertheless, remain confident that everything will work out the way that is right for you.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 57 corresponds to that of the number 3. (5+7=12 => 1+2=3)

Dream Interpretation Number 57

If the number 57 appears in a dream, the desire for adventure beckons and the need for new experiences increases. The emotions ride a roller coaster and bring an inner turmoil. At the same time, more and more opinions are sought in order to find one’s own orientation. Good conversations are important. However, losing oneself in them is not always sensible, as distractions can occur.

Positive Aspects

With the fifty-seven it comes to beautiful spiritual moments. Many things become clearer and clearer, although they are not yet constant. The leisure activities bring variety and joy.

Negative Aspects

The figure of 57 makes it clear that internal security and stability are not currently in place. Decisions are made, revised and then made again. This brings turbulence and meets with resistance.