Meaning Number 58

The meaning of the number 58 includes the desire for variety, solving numerous challenges and overcoming them.

The even number 58 is located between the fifty-seven and the fifty-nine. The Roman notation for the number 58 is LVIII.

Angel Number 58

In angel numerology, the angel number 58 is an indication that the hardest part of the chosen path has now been overcome. The Ascended Masters and the angels let you know that from now on it will be easier and positive changes will appear. In addition, number is a symbol of a change in the material as well as financial situation. The light beings against you signals for the improvement of finances.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 58 corresponds to that of the number 4 (5+8=13 => 1+3=4).

Dream Interpretation Number 58

For the dreamer, 58 means a time when there will be a lot to do. Learning and life tasks line up seemingly endlessly. As soon as one is done, the next one comes knocking. Inwardly, the desire to escape from everything grows. As soon as the thoughts of escape prevail, however, even more tasks await the dreamer that have to be done.

Positive Aspects

The number fifty-eight supports all approaches that are practical in nature. If the pending tasks are simply done stoically, it goes best. Duty calls and as soon as it is done, the longed-for time of variety comes.

Negative Aspects

The number 58 inspires the need for freedom and has little left for the assumption of responsibility. If the dreamer now withdraws from his area of responsibility, his selfishness will bring conflict.