Meaning Number 67

The meaning of the number 67 is described as the search for family harmony, spiritual development and the fulfillment of everyday obligations.

The odd number 67 is between the sixty-six and the sixty-eight. The Roman notation for the number 67 is LXVII.

Angel Number 67

In angel numerology, the angel number 67 is a sign of the wisdom already acquired. It helps to recognize what the world and the people in the immediate environment really need right now. The Ascended Masters and the angels help to direct the thoughts and the inner alignment to the elements of life that help to further inner growth. Share the insights with others.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 67 corresponds to that of the number 4 (6+7=13 => 1+3=4).

Dream Interpretation Number 67

The number 67 announces the desire for peace and balance. The spiritual search begins. The goal is to achieve a sense of fulfillment and harmony in the family sector. In parallel, very practical and earthly issues will remind the dreamer that there are tasks ahead and they must be fulfilled.

Positive Aspects

The number sixty-seven brings growth and development on various levels. Besides wonderful spiritual experiences, groundedness is always restored. In addition, the consciousness is directed to the importance of the family, without which the dreamer ultimately neither can nor wants to be.

Negative Aspects

The number 67 can lead to inner chaos. It seems as if the dreamer finds it difficult to see the connection between different worlds. He moves in an either/or mode and does not find it easy to approach developments loosely. It helps to put aside the perceived heaviness