Meaning Number 68

The meaning of the number 68 is the constant search for harmony, the working through of karmic issues, and a seemingly endless wealth of ideas.

The even number 68 is located between the sixty-seven and the sixty-nine. The Roman notation for the number 68 is LXVIII.

Angel Number 68

In angelic numerology, the angelic number 68 invites patience. The Ascended Masters and the angels point out not to regard the obstacles of life as dramatic events. You grow in all the tasks of your life and subsequently experience exactly the fullness you aspire to. Consider the long-term goals, do not be discouraged and open your heart to all experiences.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 68 corresponds to that of the number 5 (6+8=14 => 1+4=5).

Dream Interpretation Number 68

The number 68 is associated with the search and desire for family and inner balance. Likewise, there are karmic issues that require attention and are not always easy to handle. However, the dreamer can look forward to a wealth of ideas and flashes of inspiration that always present possible solutions.

Positive Aspects

The number sixty-eight refers to a necessary stable balance. All decisions pursue the one goal of inner balance. Once this is found, there is a feeling of lightness and liberation. The 68 illustrates how important it is to face one’s tasks, because the result is fulfillment.

Negative Aspects

The number 68 brings contact with karmic tasks. These are often not easy and cost nerves as well as strength. Not facing the challenges leads to further difficulties and the feeling of unhappiness. It is necessary to motivate yourself and face your own tasks.