Meaning Number 71

The meaning of the number 71 includes emotional processes, the realization of personal concerns and the fulfillment of karmic tasks.

The odd number 71 is between the seventy and the seventy-two. The Roman notation for the number 71 is LXXI.

Angel Number 71

In angel numerology, the angel number 71 is an indication of the importance of your own perception. The Ascended Masters and the angels would like to remind you that the truth slumbers deep within you. Stay completely with yourself and do not let yourself be irritated by the influence of others. Maybe it helps you to write in a diary or to express your perception creatively, e.g. in pictures. Remain realistic in all your reflections and trust your instincts.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 71 corresponds to that of the number 8. (7+1=8)

Dream Interpretation Number 71

The number 71 brings all emotional processes and sensitivities more into focus. Stress and hustle and bustle interfere with the strong need for individual development. Personal needs want to be satisfied. This is achieved only with difficulty. Seventy-one brings awareness processes and new insights that happen primarily on the energetic level.

Positive Aspects

With the number seventy-one, the dreamer strives for emotional self-realization. The inner balance is sought and thereby all forces are mobilized, which lead to a concentration on the self.

Negative Aspects

The number 71 lacks team spirit. The needs of others are not perceived. In addition, the number indicates that a time has come when there are numerous not always easy karmic tasks to be accomplished.