Meaning Number 73

The meaning of the number 73 includes spiritual recognition and awakening, a lively intellectual exchange, and the pursuit of good self-realization.

The odd number 73 is between the seventy-two and the seventy-four. The Roman notation for the number 73 is LXXIII.

Engelzahl 73

In angel numerology, the angel number 73 helps in removing and overcoming obstacles. The Ascended Masters and the angels are working at full speed to support you in clarifying all concerns or to provide you with the necessary help. You feel that you are not alone and also feel that you are already on the right path.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 73 corresponds to that of the number 1. (7+3=10 => 1+0=1)

Dream Interpretation Number 73

The number 73 brings the dreamer a time of spiritual insights, energetic growth as well as personal development. In seminars, trainings or in conversation with other people new possibilities arise. All efforts have the goal to get to know oneself better and to advance one’s own development.

Positive Aspects

With the number seventy-three the dreamer has the possibility to move quite intuitively through his life and his everyday life. As if by itself he meets the right people, looks for the right events and finds his way through all the tangles of life.

Negative Aspects

The number 73 triggers decisions that either cannot be grasped with the human mind or cannot be objectively justified. This can lead to conflicts, alienation and interpersonal problems.