As an aquatic animal, the octopus brings the emotional side into focus. It illustrates the adaptability and promotes empathy.

The octopus belongs to the mollusks. It lives near the coast of the North Sea, Western Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. As a loner, the octopus can reach a weight of 2-50 kg, depending on the species and age. In case of danger, the octopus emits a brown-blue cloud. If danger threatens, it emits a cloud of ink. In this way it tries to distract and mislead the predator.

The animal belongs to the most intelligent sea inhabitants and is very capable of learning. Its diet includes fish, crabs, crayfish, aquatic worms and snails. Besides humans, the whale is one of its natural enemies.

Difference Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish

Although the animals squid, octopus, cuttlefish and octopus have the same meaning on the energetic level, they still differ partly in their life form or appearance.

The octopus represents the main category of mollusks. All others are subspecies of it. He has 8 tentacles.

Cuttlefish live near the bottom. They have an oval to round body shape and have 10 tentacles. Squid live in the open water. They also have 10 tentacles, 2 of which are particularly long and therefore stand out.

Power Animal Octopus

The power animal octopus symbolizes empathy. The feelings of others are perceived intensively and there is an automatic adaptation to their state of mind. One’s own feelings are purified and stabilized by the element of water. As a result, the pleasant emotional states can be experienced more powerfully. The increase in sensitivity strengthens and directs the focus to the areas in life that will bring about improvement.

Positive Consideration

A symbiosis takes place with this power animal. The suction cups of the tentacles make it possible to dock with a source of inspiration and development. This promotes one’s own development and mobilizes. The instinct of self-preservation steers towards the positive events in life thanks to the tentacles.

Negative Consideration

Those who deal with old patterns, curses or oaths in their energetic work will find what they are looking for in working with the power animal octopus. The tentacles and the octopus shape indicate that there are attachments from which a detachment should take place.

Dream Interpretation Octopus

In dream interpretation, the octopus is a sign of decision-making. There are several options and their advantages as well as disadvantages should be considered in more detail. In addition, the dreamer should be careful not to deceive anyone or let himself be deceived.

Positive Aspects

The adaptive animal advises the dreamer to draw important lessons from old behavior patterns and structures. As important as traditional guidelines are, it is inherent in them that they can slow down and mistakes can repeat themselves.

Negative Aspects

Cuttlefish are good at helping themselves when in danger, causing confusion for attackers until they themselves are safe. As soon as there is a situation in the dreamer’s life where problematic signs appear, one’s abilities should be used wisely.