The pangolin brings isolation and withdrawal. So far, little has been known and researched about this animal. On the energetic level, therefore, this also stands for previously unknown currents.

The pangolin is also called pine cone animal because of its appearance. The Pangolin lives as a loner mainly in Africa and Asia. The covering of the body of this animal is considered unique in the world with its thick horny scales. The nocturnal animals feed mainly on ants and termites. Their locomotion is slow and the quadrupeds live on the ground.

The shy and cautious pangolins are hunted by humans because their scales are used for numerous rituals and customs.

Power Animal Pangolin

The power animal pangolin stands for withdrawal, introspection and isolation. Personal processes and developments are mastered with inner strength. Outside help is taken up or is not available. Time seems to move slowly and possible solutions appear only gradually. The present circumstances are protracted and tough.

Positive Consideration

The pangolin stands for reflection on oneself. The individual needs, competencies and ideals are sufficient to cope with all challenges. Activities are reduced to a minimum and run below the radar of others. This brings protection and ensures success.

Negative Consideration

Since there is no help in sight, many things seem cumbersome and difficult at the moment. There is a lack of lightness and finesse. With this power animal social contacts are reduced to a minimum and the own scope of action is limited.

Dream Interpretation Pangolin

In dream interpretation, the pangolin is an indication of a difficult phase and lack of support from others. There is a lack of imagination and possible solutions. The current situation seems to be muddled and urgently needs new impetus.

Positive Aspects

At present, the dreamer does not allow himself to be diverted from his path and his convictions. He sticks to his decisions and the proven processes.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer is on his own and also has to protect himself from other people in his immediate environment. Not everyone means well with him and ultimately wants to take advantage of him.