The panda is a symbol of peacefulness and gentleness. The animal calls on the energetic level to introspection and self-reflection. It is necessary to find and preserve the inner center.

The giant panda is also known as the bamboo bear, giant panda or pawed bear. He is not related to the red panda. It belongs to the bear family and lives in China. Mountains and humid areas with a lot of rainfall are preferred by the predator. The bear is a loner, does not hibernate and lives on the ground, although it can climb and swim well. 

The giant panda marks its way with urine or scratches trees. In this way, conspecifics do not get in each other’s way. At mating time, the animals come together for a short time to produce and raise an offspring. The pandas feed almost exclusively on bamboo. They feed in a sitting posture. They are hunted by leopards and birds of prey.

Power Animal Panda

The power animal panda wants to remind you that a calm and peaceful way of life leads to more happiness, inner stability as well as balance. Peace returns. Life is to be lived more comfortably and relaxed. Perseverance and a concentrated approach are important to move forward.

Positive Consideration

Optimizing the rhythm of life requires consistency and reliability. The concentration on the essentials brings an improved attitude towards life. The panda is a power animal, which in a conflict-ridden time as a wise advisor provides a solution path, as soon as an introspection and calm contemplation of the situation takes place.

Negative Consideration

The panda bear does not like excitement and has difficulty adapting to changing circumstances. A varied and flexible behavior is difficult for him. The power animal Panda gives strength through composure, but is only little resilient in case of an inner tension, stress or hectic.

Dream Interpretation Panda

In dream interpretation, the animal indicates that peace is coming. He is a symbol of good luck and a successful outcome. Current tasks will be solved and projects will be finished fruitfully. The future developments will show a good or desired result.

Positive Aspects

The inner balance is established. Once the bamboo bear appears in a dream, it brings a strengthening of self-worth as well as satisfaction on all levels.

Negative Aspects

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is difficult to maintain an overview and keep calm. However, this is urgently needed right now.