The panther is a symbol of perfectionism. As a mediator between the worlds, he supports the connection between the mundane and energetic levels. He is concentrated and always alert.

The panther belongs as a big cat to the subfamily of cats. Various other big cats are assigned to the genus of Panthera. To them belong the

  • Jaguar (Panthera onca)
  • Lion (Panthera leo)
  • Leopard (Panthera pardus)
  • Schnow Leopard (Panthera uncia)
  • Tiger (Panthera tigris)

They all hardly know natural enemies. Unlike other cat species, they are not able to purr while inhaling. They can only do this when exhaling.

Differences Jaguar, Leopard, Panther

Black panthers are jaguars or leopards. Due to a genetic defect, the fur of the predator appears black to the observer at the first moment. If the incidence of light changes, the typical spots in the fur can still be recognized. Thus, it is then also possible to make a further assignment of the animal.

The jaguar has the broader spots in the fur. Its forehead shape is also broader than that of the leopard. Both can climb trees. However, the jaguar is heavier and has the shorter tail. Therefore, he is reluctant to venture into a tree. The leopard likes to bring itself and its prey to safety on tree branches. Since the jaguar has no natural enemies, it does not need the protection.

Power Animal Panther

The black panther expresses the shadow side of one’s personality. He wants to make clear that we overlook something or do not want to admit. As a perfectionist, he does not rest until all important points have been examined more closely. Seemingly all facts are openly recognizable on the table. Nevertheless, there are various aspects that have not yet been taken into account. In the energetic work the hidden elements are transported to the surface and assigned to the right area, so that misunderstandings and ambiguities can be eliminated.

Positive Consideration

Resistance and repeated inhibitions are overcome with this power animal. The panther establishes the connection to different energetic levels, so that connections become visible. Otherworldly contacts and access to previously hidden spheres can be established to expand existing knowledge. The very intelligent energetic guide brings advice seekers even in the darkness to their goal.

Negative Consideration

The predator reacts very impulsively and impetuously when it feels threatened. The own territory is defended in a flash, if an unpleasant situation arises. Sometimes, therefore, the appearance of the power animal tickles out unexpected emotions. Overreaction and lack of empathy are the consequences. Dangers are often looked for, where there are none (yet). This influences all involved.

Dream Interpretation Panther

If the black panther appears in a dream, it is considered first and foremost as a warning signal. He offers protection and wants to prepare the dreamer for a dangerous situation. In everyday life, the circumstances and dealings with other people should be considered more intensively in order to prevent conflicts or possible escalations at an early stage.

Positive Aspects

A snarling panther makes it clear that staking out one’s own boundaries is already enough to drive away adversaries. The dreamer must find the courage to communicate his needs, otherwise he will be ignored.

Negative Aspects

The black panther smells danger. As soon as he appears, the dreamer should inwardly prepare himself for developments that may get out of hand. The predator appears out of nowhere and no longer responds to conciliatory words. Actions count more in these cases and can possibly ruin many things.