The sloth brings the inner center and centering on oneself. In addition, it is a sign of passivity and lack of commitment.

The sloth lives in Central and South America. The loner is known worldwide for its slow locomotion and shaggy appearance. There are two types of sloths. They differ in the number of their fingers – the two-fingered and three-fingered sloths. The latter is the slower animal. Both species are surprisingly good swimmers.

These solitary animals live in trees and feed exclusively on plants. They have the slowest digestive system of any known mammal. Diurnal and nocturnal, they descend from trees only once a week to defecate. Natural enemies of the tree dwellers include snakes, jaguars and eagles.

Power Animal Sloth

The power animal sloth brings the relaxation, the self-containedness and the frugality. Nothing is important and nothing is hurried. There is nothing to do. Resting in your own center is indicated at the moment. Hectic, deadlines or pressure of expectations are out of place. This power animal reminds us that in rest lies strength and that no one is more important than oneself. It is a symbol of retreat from all stressful life situations.

Positive Consideration

One’s own energies are used optimally. Serenity is the top priority. The facial expression of the loner radiates something peaceful and mischievous. It’s all about one’s own well-being and finding bliss.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal includes listlessness, laziness and selfishness. Agreements are not kept and changes are rejected. The sloth is principally negative towards new impulses and ideas. Especially when own actions are necessary to achieve the goal.

Traumdeutung Faultier

In dream interpretation, the sloth is a sign of passivity. In order not to lose out, the dreamer should overcome his complacency and activate his ambition. At the same time he should check in which situations he wastes time and energy.

Positive Aspects

If the sloth appears, it may indicate a time of rest and retreat. Relaxation and meditation help to rebuild your own energies.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer has contributed too little to the achievement of the goal. Therefore, it may now be that others are preferred to him. The mammal can also be an indication that the dreamer needs some time to process events.