The shell is a sign of femininity or female energy. Besides, it is a keeper of secrets and stands for their defense.

Mussels are native to oceans and seas worldwide. The oysters belong to the family of mussels. The diurnal aquatic animals can live up to 100 years, depending on the species. Mussels belong to the mollusks and are protected by their firm calcareous outer shell. The shell is moved by a powerful muscle. This is as important for locomotion as it is for protection from enemies.

The mollusks feed on plankton. These are small organisms found in the oceans. Their natural enemies include fish, starfish and birds. It is not only the flamingo that poses a threat to them.

Power Aimal Shell

The power animal shell and the power animal oyster have the same energetic meaning. The aquatic animals represent femininity and therefore let us know that the focus should be more on the flow of female energies. The emotions are important and indicate where action is needed. A hard shell can be helpful and at the same time a hindrance. It is necessary to consider what is really indicated at the moment.

Positive Consideration

Intuitive decisions increase. This leads to success and the improvement of current circumstances. With understanding and empathy, much can be achieved. The conch can also be a sign of a form of virginity. An area in life is opened up anew. In addition, secrets are well kept and are protected from the gaze of others.

Negative Consideration

The power animal shell indicates that not all facts are openly on the table. Hidden things prevent old hurts from healing. Secrets are so well guarded and intensely defended that clarifying a situation seems almost impossible. Alternative ways might be better to solve an existing problem.

Dream Interpretation Shell

The shell or the oyster in a dream announce emotional injuries. The dreamer seems to have taken a defensive stance or has problems with a person who may not open up to him. Since this is an instinctive protective function, trust should be built.

Positive Aspects

An important piece of information or a secret is safe. It is well kept and no one will be able to reveal it in the near future. The dreamer can feel safe.

Negative Aspects

The addition of a hard shell is based on negative experiences. Possibly this leads to disturbances in everyday life or in the togetherness. The dreamer should check whether it would not be better for all concerned if he behaved less rejecting.