A skunk is a sign of demarcation and a negative environment. It shows the need to defend yourself.

Skunks belong to the order of predators. They are characterized by having white stripes on their face, trunk and tail in their otherwise dark fur. The animals are native to America, where they live in open areas such as steppes or semi-deserts. The crepuscular and nocturnal quadrupeds can be found in burrows or rock crevices during the day. They hibernate and have an approximate body size like a cat.

In defense, the skunks spray a penetrating smelling anal secretion. The secretion, which can spray up to six feet, has no harmful effects except for the odor. Skunks are omnivores. Rabbits, birds, lizards, snakes, but also fruits, tubers and nuts are on their menu. Their natural enemies include owls, coyotes or wild cats.

Power Animal Skunk

The power animal skunk is a sign of good self-defense. The demarcation succeeds so well that thereby the self-confidence and self-esteem increase. The own rights are perceived and lived. A previously held victim attitude or submissive position is abandoned. Knowing that one’s own strength is sufficient to defend oneself allows one to take a breath and improves one’s self-esteem.

Positive Consideration

The body language changes and lets the environment know that a strong personality is standing in front of them. No words are needed, because the movements and posture make it clear that something is changing in the interaction. An encounter at eye level is now possible.

Negative Consideration

The shadow sides of the power animal skunk are the inconsiderateness and not feeling understood. The skunk is not interested in the unpleasant consequences of spraying anal secretion for the enemy. He is in a mode of black and white thinking. Should he be mistaken about the other’s intentions, he doesn’t waste a thought on it. This leads to lonerism and the fact that he is met with incomprehension.

Dream Interpretation Skunk

In dream interpretation, the skunk is a sign of good defense. The dreamer can be aware of his abilities and knows how to defend himself against reproaches or accusations.

Positive Aspects

One’s appearance will make envious or begrudging people give the dreamer a wide berth in the future. Word gets around that from now on the dreamer will no longer follow everything and everyone without comment.

Negative Aspects

The skunk can be an indication of wrong people in the environment. In addition, the dreamer is completely on his own and will not receive support from others.