Angel Ismail

Angel Ismail is a guardian angel. There are Ismail or Ishmael in different religions and cultures. His name comes from Hebrew – שְׁמָעֵאל. In translation, it means “God hears” or “God hears.”

Overview & Meaning

The angel Ismail is also known by the name Ishmael. Depending on the origin, spelling and translation, there is a difference in the name. At the same time there is nevertheless agreement in all traditions that this angel has a special meaning.

In the Arabic area one speaks of Ishmael. This name means in the translation as much as “God may hear” or also “God (has) heard”.  In some parts of the Abrahamic religion he is the firstborn son of the progenitor Abraham from Israel.

Ismail is also a guardian angel. He watches over the people or other entities he is responsible for protecting. In addition, he leads a group of several angels and thus has a special significance in the angelic realm. He teaches other angels how to pay homage and honor God or Allah.

In Islam, Ishmael is one of the prophets. At the same time, he is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Koran. In all religions he plays an important role and is revered.

According to the Muslim faith, there are a total of seven heavens. A total of seven angelic choirs rule over each of them. To each of the angelic choirs there are angels as principals. These seven principals are the angels are Ismail, Kalkail, Michael, Saydiyail, Salsail, Samachail and Rubail.

The angel supports the person to open himself and to live his spirituality more. With his energy it becomes possible to feel messages from the spiritual or divine world. Ismail connects man with the divine and therefore brings both levels together for a better exchange.

Themes of Angel Ismail

The angel is a guardian angel. Thus, he is responsible for the protection of people, animals or cities, for example. He is also responsible for the spiritual growth of man.