Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of mercy and benevolence. His name originally comes from Hebrew – שִׁדְרִית. It means “righteousness of God” or “benevolence of God”.

With Archangel Zadkiel, self-forgiveness is learned. Defeats can be understood. This paves the way for new courage to develop. The energy of the archangel helps in the personal growth process, the development of tolerance as well as individual development. In financial and legal issues, he is the angel who can be specifically called and asked for assistance. The archangel points out the coming steps towards the realization of one’s happiness as well as prosperity. The striving for perfection is accompanied by the archangel. All his work is to help to experience oneself. Thus, the unfolding of one’s own bliss is made possible. At the same time, the energetic companion calls for the observance of principles, rules and regularities that are particularly beneficial for the achievement of goals. Living in an existing community requires compromise and consideration. With Zadkiel, dealing with established frameworks becomes easier.

Themes of Archangel Zadkiel

The themes that this archangel stands for are perfection, balance, knowledge, salvation and bliss. He stands for benevolence, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness. With him return compassion, freedom, abundance and prosperity.

Energy of Archangel Zadkiel

His energy is described as harmonizing, integrating and balancing. He is considered the patron saint of lawyers and judges.

Symbols of Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel has been depicted by artists with some symbols. These are:

  • the sword
  • the shield
  • the sphere of light

The sword and the protective image are often depicted together. They indicate the observance of rules.
The ball of light indicates that it is time to soften the heart and show mercy to oneself as well as to others. It brings light to the dark and wounded parts of the emotional body.

Color Assignment

The color violet is assigned to the archangel Zadkiel.

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