Archangel Valeoel

Archangel Valeoel is the angel of balance between the giving and the taking side . His name originally comes from the Hebrew – ואואל.

Archangel Valeoel brings balance and harmony between giving and receiving. Spiritually as well as on the material level he supports in finding a balance. The stability and the building of self-esteem and self-confidence are promoted by him. Both serve as a basis for the further building of abundance on different levels.

With the archangel the inner center is addressed. Valeoel helps to perceive oneself more positively and with more respect. Peace and centering in the self are found through him. He brings appreciation towards oneself. In addition, his energy is helpful in experiencing security. All this paves the way to experience a fulfillment that has remained hidden until now. Through the practice of visualization, new goals are perceived, which, thanks to its effective power, can be automatically attracted and achieved in the further process.

As soon as circling thoughts influence one’s existence unfavorably, Valeoel helps to calm them down and let silence come in. It brings contentment and balance. Its energy helps to find and radiate inner peace. This enables future actions to be directed from the heart. This creates a new spiritual greatness that brings balance and happiness instead of demoralizing thoughts.

Themes of Archangel Valeoel

The themes for which this archangel stands, balance and inner peace. He brings harmony between give and take. Disturbances in the thoughts and feelings are visible and mitigated by him.

Energy of Archangel Valeoel

Its energy is described as gentle, powerful and balancing. It stimulates the inner growth process and has a supporting effect.

Symbols of Archangel Valeoel

No other symbols are attributed to Valeoel.

Color Assignment

The archangel Valeoel is represented in a golden of color.

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