Ascendant Capricorn

The Ascendant Capricorn never gives up. He pursues his goals and plans without ceasing and with a lot of discipline. Life follows clear rules and fixed structures. In this way success and recognition show. Changes must first be thoroughly tested before they are integrated into one’s life.

Spontaneity or flexibility are the weaknesses in a person with Ascendant Capricorn. He needs to be practical and his activities should make sense. Wasting resources in favor of the desire for trial and error or in a just-for-fun athmosphere suit him less.

Unfortunately, the Ascendant Capricorn is not particularly adaptable. Restructuring or postponing appointments just don’t suit him. Values and tradition count for him. Flexible developments or assignments bring unrest and instability into his life. He wants to be able to rely on everything and therefore rejects influencing factors that lead to changes. He succeeds better in everyday life if he can adjust to circumstances calmly and if they also provide orientation in the long term.

Faithful, devoted and loyal describe him to his friends. Capriciousness or passion irritate him. He works hard for the successes of life and finds it irritating when attention flies to other people, although they perform less for it than he does. He brings along the necessary patience for the fulfillment of duty. He always makes demands of others on himself as well.

Personality of the Ascendant Capricorn

The Capricorn Ascendant is responsible. With a lot of discipline he reaches his goals. He is successful and has a lot of perseverance. Often he seems unemotional and cool. He dutifully works through clear guidelines. He is an authority figure. You can always rely on him. Reliable and hard-working, he concentrates on achieving his goals. Logically and with good plans he moves forward in his life. Often, obstacles are put in his way. This only makes him stronger.

Physical shape of the Ascendant Capricorn

  • tall
  • lean to graceful
  • tart
  • angular
  • sharp cut face
  • fine skin; skin problems
  • Appearance: hard against himself, strongly related to the parental home, disciplined, raitonal thinking, conservative

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