Ascendant Sagittarius

The Ascendant Sagittarius is constantly developing himself and his talents. His striving for success and advancement drive him and let him become better and better. On the way to the goal he observes carefully and memorizes many influencing factors exactly.

The Ascendant Sagittarius likes to make social contacts, but he avoids firm ties. These slow him down in his desire for continuous development at some point and this must be avoided. Some of his ideals are so high that often there seems to be no suitable partner for him. However, a self-critical examination shows that the demands were consciously chosen that way.

A search for new stimuli leads him through vast realms. The ascendant Sagittarius is fond of travel and adventure. Foreign countries attract him magnetically. The different views of the people interest him. He prefers to move around the world and collect different impressions. As soon as he has absorbed enough knowledge, he is drawn to a new destination.

However, sometimes Sagittarius overestimates himself. Punctuality is also not his best friend. Nevertheless, he is a friendly contemporary who represents openness. His positive attitude towards life is remarkable. He has high ideals and needs his freedom. He is interested in different world views. Likewise, he likes everything that expands his intellectual horizon. Boredom is alien to him. In search of the truth, not all his words meet with approval and enthusiasm.

Personality of Ascendant Sagittarius

Sagittarius Ascendant has an optimistic attitude. He can find good in every situation. His mind wants to expand constantly. He almost absorbs knowledge. He has an openness for other people and countries. He is fascinated by the approach of other cultures. Nevertheless, he tends to be arrogant. He has a permanent desire to expand. Further development is his commandment. As soon as he loses interest, he lacks drive. Enthusiasm must be in all his actions.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Sagittarius

  • stately
  • athletic
  • imposing figure
  • fat pads
  • Appearance: self-confident, fond of traveling, easy-going, quiet, fine sense of humor, philosophical, teacher, know-it-all

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