Ascendant Scorpio

The Ascendant Scorpio approaches all challenges with full heart and soul. His way of mastering life provides fascination. Everything he does gets under the skin. He always feels deeply and is not satisfied with superficial answers. He probes, asks questions, looks behind the facade and has a sense for situations that do not want to show themselves fully.

If his feelings are hurt, the Ascendant Scorpio fights back. This ensures that others often treat him with healthy respect and distance. They fear resistance or revenge as soon as they themselves have to admit mistakes in their own behavior. Whoever turns a person with the Ascendant Scorpio against him, knows that he will never forget what has happened.

In dealing with other people a strong attraction is shown. The weaknesses of others are quickly perceived and sometimes exposed. This is not always pleasant, but usually no one else finds the courage to speak the truth. His perseverance is unique. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Scorpio always gets up after defeats and returns to life.

With intelligence and considering everything, he solves difficult tasks. Before he would put something only half-finished, he leaves it whole. The more complex a challenge turns out to be, the more interesting it becomes. Scorpio is good at judging other people’s limits, knows about dangers and therefore is able to combine all elements to achieve the goal.

Personality of Ascendant Scorpio

The Scorpio Ascendant describes a person who has a lot of depth. He goes to work with passion. He is honest and persevering. Courageously and determinedly he solves his tasks. Hardly anything remains hidden from him. He does not say all of it. It is difficult for him to be influenced. Mostly he goes his own way. Faithful and reliable he stands by others. If his loyalty is disappointed, he becomes vengeful. He tends to jealousy and mistrust. Secrets he reveals relentlessly. However, he does not show himself completely.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Scorpio

  • beautiful eyes, penetrating look
  • dark complexion
  • leathery skin
  • strong physical attractiveness
  • needs a lot of sleep
  • Appearance: passionate, erotic, explorative, introverted, serious, strong sense of duty, guilt, prefers silence before lying

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