The bat symbolizes orientation and as a nocturnal animal brings it even in complete darkness. During the day it seeks tranquility and sleep.

Bats are native to the world. With the exception of the cold poles as well as islands that are far away from the mainland, they are found in all regions of the globe. Bats belong to a mammalian species and the flying animals. They are slightly smaller than flying foxes. The communication of the animals is by ultrasound. Vision is reduced to the perception of black and white stimuli as well as UV light. In addition, the flying animals have a magnetic sense. This serves them for orientation. It allows them to move along the magnetic fields of the earth. Bats eat mosquitoes and moths.

Power Animal Bat

The power animal bat symbolizes orientation on the energetic level. There is no other animal in the world that can find its way in complete darkness better than the bat. Shy and withdrawn, the animal often remains hidden from people. At night, bats flying around cause fear and terror. Since the animals do not have very strong eyesight, problems easily arise.

During the day, the nocturnal flying animal is very passive. It needs rest and a lot of sleep. Disturbances are undesirable and can cause stress. Because of the bat’s completely different way of life, the message of the power animal is to be understood as a call. The shadow of the night is to be left. The time is ripe to step into the light and there also present its full potential.

Positive Consideration

Strengths and resources are to be built up. With composure and sufficient phases of regeneration, better performances can be called up. The bat shows that there is information in the unconscious area of the person seeking advice that can be helpful. Therefore, the examination of one’s own inner processes will bring new insights.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal indicates emotions such as envy or a depressed mood. Melancholic moments are possible, because worldly processes cannot be regulated or changed as desired. If it is not possible to bring the different cycles of day and night together inside, brokenness is the result.

Dream Interpretation Bat

The bat wants to point out the ability of spiritual intuitions in a dream. The perception goes beyond the worldly senses. This should be taken into account before making a decision.

At the same time, the flying animal is a symbol of warning. It is worthwhile to dare to look behind the scenes, so as not to miss anything.

Positive Aspects

Orientation in uncertain and obscure situations will be found. As if by itself, the dreamer steers to the right opportunities in the coming time.

Negative Aspects

The bat expresses existing fears that are to be overcome. The inner balance is subject to disturbances, because there is no balance between two lived rhythms. Negative effects on the emotional state are to be expected.