The basilisk has unique abilities that only come into play under extreme conditions. Therefore, it is a sign that undreamt-of powers lie dormant in each of us.

Basilisks are also called Jesus Christ lizards. The reason for this is found in their ability to run across water. Under certain conditions, such as escaping from enemies, they can cross waters in a flash, which they tend not to do for no reason. The reptiles are solitary and belong to the lizards. They are native to Central and South America. The nimble animals eat insects, frogs or fruits. They have to protect themselves from birds of prey or snakes.

Power Animal Basilisk

The power animal basilisk reminds us of the special abilities inherent in every human being. Too seldom and only under challenging conditions is it shown which competencies are really present. This is to bring security, but also clarifies that much more can be done than it seems.

Positive Consideration

Left to their own devices, even hopeless situations can be overcome. Under pressure or great effort, a new and sudden solution can be found with the help of the power animal. The basilisk promotes confidence in oneself.

Negative Consideration

Often a person learns only under adverse conditions what he is capable of and what circumstance is not good for him. That means a phase of fear or constriction becomes unbearable. This difficult way seems to be necessary to be able to leave an undesirable situation.

Dream Interpretation Basilisk

If the basilisk appears in the dream, the present situation should be examined more closely. Does the inner experience agree with the outer circumstances or should changes be strived for? A supposed harmony does not seem to be real.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer will free himself from an unpleasant situation or constricting partnership. Deep within him slumber abilities of which others have hardly a clue. Only at the last second can he prevail against enemies, adversaries or competitors and achieve success.

Negative Aspects

If the dreamer is not in an unfortunate situation, it may be that a close person will unexpectedly withdraw shortly. Communication seems impossible and attitudes do not coincide.