The bear is increasingly being driven out of its familiar environment. In many regions of our planet, he is already no longer to be found. Wherever he is nevertheless sighted, he triggers mixed emotions. It stands for power, courage and strength. At the same time, it is a predator that can instill fear in the wild.

The heavyweight has few natural enemies. One of them is the tiger. Children perceive the bear as a great cuddly toy, with whom they find protection and safety. The quadruped symbolizes tremendous strength, bravery and also calmness.

The bear is a patron saint. Due to its external appearance, bad guys often quickly take to their heels. Even if he appears leisurely, he can pick up a very high speed within a short time. He stakes out his territory precisely and is an exceptional hunter. In the wild, bears protect their own family to the bitter end.

Power Animal Bear

The power animal bear wants us to know that we are protected. The message of this extraordinarily interesting animal is clear. Everything we need, we carry within us. We should listen to our inner voice and follow our own strength. Independent of everyone else, we can move and make our point.

As soon as the bear shows itself as a power animal, we will stand firm in our opinion towards others. This animal has the ability to accumulate body reserves. Therefore, it is not in a hurry and does not have to act according to the dictates of others. On the energetic level, it lets us know that we are protected.

Positive Consideration

Our next steps will be full of strength and energy. We have the support and the orientation it needs. The cycle of life ensures that we make the right decisions at the right time.

We will master our lives unshakably. There will hardly be anything that can stand in our way. Life shows itself in a pleasantly pleasurable way. It is time to enjoy it.

Negative Consideration

Besides all the strength, the bear also embodies displeasure and laziness. He can act without consideration. Finding compromises is difficult for him. He is not gallant and often moves clumsily.

His rough manner can be destructive. Once he picks up speed, he can hardly be stopped and tramples everything flat. As a result, he also embodies an indifference and ruthlessness that is not always pleasant.

Dream Interpretation Bear

If the bear appears in a dream, we should look very carefully. He brings messages from the unconscious, with which the dreamer should deal more closely. It is necessary to linger quite consciously and to look more closely at the current challenges. Dangers are looming, but at the same time it indicates that something could be overlooked.

Positive Aspects

Seeing a bearskin or a peaceful bear lets the dreamer know that he will have increased luck in the near future. If the bear in the dream is relaxed, rolling in the sun or its behavior generates curiosity as well as positive emotions, there will be a pleasant development in life.

A dancing bear embodies a time when successes can be celebrated. The dreamer has prevailed against all odds and can reap the laurels.

A caring bear indicates that the dreamer as well as his people from the closer environment need and receive more protection.

Negative Aspects

A threatening-looking animal is an indication of existing enemies. In an interpersonal relationship, there are disagreements that are hurtful. Therefore, special attention is necessary.

The dreamer is asked to carefully examine whether the moment for upcoming decisions is really the right one. It could be that the quality of time does not fit and important factors are overlooked.