The moth is a sign of doubt and insecurity. The loyalty of other people is doubted. In addition, it indicates souls who are in the intermediate world.

Moths belong to the order of butterflies and go through the stages just like them. Once they reach the moth stage, their lifespan is a maximum of two weeks. Moths are diurnal and nocturnal creatures. In addition, they have a worldwide distribution.

Moths living in the wild are found in nests of birds or mammals. There they feed on animal hair. The clothes moth nests in places where it finds wool as food. Their natural enemies include ichneumon wasps.

Power Animal Moth

The power animal moth indicates that a soul is in an intermediate world. Entanglements of energies and the inability to find a way out of the current situation indicate being bound, which should be looked at more closely and changed. In energy work, the flow of energies should be looked at and cleansed. The moth feels attracted to the light, but cannot reach it and needs support accordingly.

Positive Consideration

The insect goes through several stages and is day and night active. The power animal moth thus illustrates that a change and transformation from within oneself is possible at any time under different conditions. With humility before oneself, others and especially towards life, solutions are found. Asking and accepting help leads to success.

Negative Consideration

The moth indicates that behavioral as well as thought patterns are old and outdated. Holding on to them triggers anger, disappointment and despair. The actions take place unconsciously and routinely, but have long since ceased to be beneficial. Blindness to the changes that have taken place has set in.

Dream Interpretation Moth

In dream interpretation, the moth refers to mental restlessness. Thoughts do not come to a positive and clear result. Doubts multiply and a way out seems not in sight.

Positive Aspects

Only those who are willing to accept help will find a solution. Care should be taken to ask a neutral person for support.

Negative Aspects

If moths appear in a dream, they also indicate the lack of loyalty of close people.
To see a moth eating is an indication of problems in establishing and maintaining contacts. Existing relationships are shaky and should be looked at again.