The tiger stands for enthusiasm and rebellion. He fights back when cornered. Likewise, he can enjoy and indulge in laziness.

This imposing animal inspires respect in his viewers. As a predator, it roams the countryside and puts its enemies in their place. Anyone who intrudes into his territory without being asked must reckon with resistance.

The tiger belongs to the big cats and is assigned to the genus panther. He is just like the lion a rebel. He rebels against his adversaries and is a role model. In him slumbers a natural dominance. At the same time he knows about all weak points in his territory. Members of his community are protected by him. Courageously and without shyness he goes ahead.

As soon as the tiger appears on the energetic level, we can feel protected. The time is ripe to defend ourselves against enemies or adverse circumstances. It is important to delimit oneself sufficiently in one’s own life.

Power Animal Tiger

The signals of the power animal tiger can be obeyed. He knows the way and advances attentively. The inner forces will rise. For the own well-being can and should be fought henceforth. The animal signals that it is worthwhile to stand up for oneself. Freedom and peace return as soon as independent action takes place.

Positive Consideration

One’s own convictions will be asserted. Those who face life with bravery will be rewarded for it. Situations in which oppression or exploitation were the order of the day will come to an end. As soon as the tiger stands by our side, our own personality develops. The person concerned grows beyond himself and passes the adventures of life with flying colors.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the animal presents a ruthless demeanor. The behavior is irascible and aggressive. The own interests are enforced without prudence. The tiger is unpredictable and can go from a relaxed creature to a fighter for life and death within a few seconds.

The predator has adaptation difficulties. It needs habit and does not like change. As soon as it feels attacked, it becomes hurtful and personal. Insults and unfair decisions follow.

Dream Interpretation Tiger

In a dream, the tiger represents a strong assertiveness. He is majestic and at the same time a destroyer. Nobody gets past him so quickly. The next steps should be well thought out, because the mood can change quickly.

Positive Aspects

 As majesty, he embodies dignity and power. As creator and protector, a time of improvement is coming. Grievances are uncovered and can be abolished. Enemies will be put to flight. No one will dare to stand in his way in the realization of the coming decisions.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer is threatened with long-term problems if he behaves in a hot-tempered or reckless manner. The tiger warns against hasty decisions. These can destroy interpersonal ties or projects of any kind in no time.