The beaver knows its way around the water and the edge of the bank. He symbolizes on the energetic level the practical skills, planning and implementation of ideas.

The beaver is native to our region. Well camouflaged, it builds tunnels, water castles and winding paths in the water and at the edge of the banks. The rodents can fell trees and like to stay by flowing waters, lakes and in the undergrowth. The element of water represents purification and the flow of life.

The beaver’s sense of smell serves as orientation and guide, especially on land. The confident swimmer steers and controls its body in the water with its tail, which serves as a rudder. The most capable rodent on our continent builds residential castles and dam systems that are extensive and very complex. Often, access to these dwellings is only possible through the water. The beaver must protect itself from foxes and birds of prey.

Power Animal Beaver

The power animal beaver brings the existing potential into consciousness. With our own physical possibilities, endurance and intelligence we can achieve a lot. Everything that is needed to achieve our goals is within us. For the realization of existing ideas and visions it needs a good planning as well as the active activity. Only those who are ready to act will be able to turn their ideas into reality with their own strength.

The beaver stands for the implementation of concepts and plans. With patience, determination and diligence we can bring our life plan into realization. Perseverance can help to accomplish true miracles.

Positive Consideration

The beaver wants to express that we ourselves shape our lives in all facets. We are the builders of our life plan and life path. It is in our possibilities and powers to give a structure to the ideas or received inspirations. Projects can be started and lead to balance as well as harmony.

The rodent brings a stable environment. Friends and family are there for us. In partnership matters, positive news and continuity can be expected. Everyone can rely on each other and is there for each other.

Negative Consideration

The beaver can indicate confusions and aberrations on the emotional level. Paths are taken, but not everything makes sense. Rather, entanglements occur and constructed projects offer no added value. Frustration, oversensitivity and stubbornness are the consequences.

Since the beaver has underdeveloped eyes and ears, it may also indicate short-sightedness in implementing existing plans. The present concept should be reviewed and expanded. It needs more flexibility and a bird’s eye view to achieve optimizations. In addition, it should be examined whether projects were not well thought out in the past and are now threatened with consequences.

Dream Interpretation Beaver

If the beaver appears in a dream, challenges in everyday life can be systematically overcome. The dreamer receives very practical support and assistance from others. Security and stability in professional and private matters can be expected.

Positive Aspects

Projects will become successful with dedication and commitment. Those who set about their day’s work in a well-sorted manner will achieve their goal.

Wearing a beaver pelt or seeing it in a dream indicates a material gain.
To observe a beaver is an indication of a slow improvement of the present life situation.

Negative Aspects

If a beaver is killed because of its fur, there may be a negative development of life circumstances. The dreamer is called to account for a matter and must take responsibility.