The beetle arouses mixed feelings in its viewers. Many feel enthusiasm or curiosity. On the other hand, he is an unwelcome guest when he crawls over food or his own body.

The beetle belongs to the largest class of insects.  Except for Antarctica, it is present on every continent. The best known subspecies in our region is probably the ladybug. There are over 350,000 species of beetles worldwide. In addition, the creepy-crawlies are among the oldest creatures on the planet. Over 265 million year old fossils have been found of a representative of the beetles.

The body shape of the 6-legged insects is adapted to the corresponding way of life. All beetles have wings, but not all of them can fly. Many beetles are herbivores. However, some species like other insects, snails, earthworms, small fish or mushrooms. Beetles are on the menu of many forest and meadow dwellers. Birds, spiders, mammals and a variety of other creatures enjoy the small earthlings. Beetles concentrate on their sense of smell when choosing a mate, as their sense of sight is usually not strong.

Power Animal Beetle

The power animal beetle promotes curiosity and brings the pleasant tingling and slight excitement into life. If the insect crawls into our life, we should look closely. Emotional numbness is driven away and the dreariness of everyday life disappears. We have become dulled in recent times and hardly focused on the perception of new impressions.

Positive Consideration

With the power animal, matters that have been stalled move forward again. A new impulse comes into a muddled situation and can thereby give new momentum. With modesty but also adaptability successes are achieved.

Negative Consideration

Man is a creature of habit. He often finds the tingling sensation on his skin unpleasant and annoying. Reluctantly, he deals with the energies of the power animal and wants to return to business as usual as soon as possible. The needs and wishes of others, as well as his own soul, are therefore often not taken quite seriously.

Dream Interpretation Beetle

In dream interpretation, the beetle is a sign of excitement. The alertness is given and now follows a phase of orientation. The insect shows new ways, which are often not quite planned but necessary.

Positive Aspects

The beetle brings good news. Upcoming tasks will soon be solved if there is openness and curiosity. Current circumstances have changed or will do so shortly. The changes must be accepted and thereupon new ideas must be given room for realization.

Negative Aspects

The downsides of the creepy-crawly include annoyance and clinginess. People from the close environment are intrusive, upset plans and take little notice of the specifications of the dreamer. This feels unattractive and disturbing.