The rabbit, like the hare, belongs to the extremely reproductive creatures. On the energetic level it is therefore also associated with the themes of fertility and reproduction.

The very sociable animal, unlike hares, lives in packs. Its habitats include underground and above-ground tunnels. These are widely branched and provide space for many conspecifics. Rabbits dig very complex tunnel and cave systems in the earth. These serve as protection in case of danger and as a place of retreat. The young are raised in them or brought to safety.

Rabbits are very fertile. They reproduce within a short time and thus take great care to maintain their own kind. In parallel, in the cycle of life, they are available to others as food. The fur of the animal brings an important protection for others on cold days even after their death. This makes the pack animal very important for the ecological balance.

Power Animal Rabbit

The power animal rabbit indicates a time of increased fertility. The closeness to another person wants to be lived. Being alone comes to an end, because only in community feelings like trust, joy or security arise.

Together, complex and cleverly thought-out projects are brought to life. These have a common purpose and serve everyone. There are no egoistic decisions or individual fates in the coming time. All challenges as well as all gifts of life are mastered and received by the group.

Positive Consideration

If the power animal rabbit appears, this indicates success and good success. There are important supporters who will significantly help a forward movement of ideas. Difficulties and problems no longer have to be shouldered alone.

Negative Consideration

In a widely ramified tunnel system, anyone can get lost. Fear and panic arise at these times. It sometimes takes patience for rescue to come. In addition, there is hardly any privacy in a pack. Everything is shared and decided collectively. All activities are observed or at least noticed, because there is little privacy.

Dream Interpretation Rabbit

If the rabbit appears in a dream, one’s fertility is increased. This may indicate possible offspring or herald the success of a current project. Through the intervention of patrons or other supporters, ideas are realized.

Hunting or eating rabbits heralds triumph.
Wearing or seeing a rabbit skin is also a symbol of a success story.

Positive Aspects

The time of multiplication and increased fertility triggers a wave of success in which feelings of happiness are released. Life is easy, beautiful and brings joy. Trust and closeness to other people do you good. The connection to like-minded people strengthens the dreamer.

A white rabbit shows the way to inner wisdom.

Negative Aspects

Although the support of others is promising, it can lead to the alienation of one’s own ideas. The identification with one’s own wishes and hopes can be lost in the achievement of goals.

If the rabbit sits in a hutch, one’s own victim role is strongly pronounced. Self-esteem is lowered and the view of the big picture is lost.
If the rabbit runs away, the dreamer will be on his own in a collaborative project.
A dead rabbit announces the end of a fruitful phase. In addition, cheaters will be unmasked.