The mouse stands for the complexity of different areas and likewise for happiness. It diligently builds new tunnels and thus establishes connections between the individual elements.

The mammal is perceived by many people as cute, soft and cuddly. The mouse is adaptive, restless and always on the lookout for food or a safe haven. Nimble and agile, it moves. If you are not fast enough, you have no chance of catching them. Animals living in the wild are omnivores. House mice prefer plant food, but also like live insects.

Reproduction of mice is very distinctive. It is a fertile animal that creates a lot of new life. In their way of life they are very similar to rats. The rodent also symbolizes the areas or subjects that are unprocessed so far. Metaphorically, the mouse gnaws on our soul until an emotional balance is created.

In this article the characteristics of the field mouse or comparable species are described. The explanations for the voles or lemmings are HERE.

Power Animal Mouse

The power animal mouse wants us to know that there are unresolved conflicts. Relationships or situations need to be put to the test so that the unresolved issues can be cleared up. The current energetic field is riddled with holes, as there are internal as well as external influences that need to be discussed.

The rodent is an industrious creature. It tirelessly builds new pathways and makes connections between them. It is a role model when it comes to never giving up and always building new paths.

Positive Consideration

The mouse lives in the wild in our immediate surroundings. Therefore, we should check what secret paths and undiscovered opportunities are right near us. The solution is virtually at our feet. It is time to look at the complex processes and understand them as a unit.

This intelligent creature shows the way. Its speed and agility is a model for us. It should make clear that within a short time alternatives will be found that will endure.

Negative Consideration

The mouse brings restlessness and restlessness. This can cause stress and lead to rash actions. There is a lack of calm and self-confidence with the mouse as a power animal. One’s own competencies are buried and hardly come to the surface.

There is a permanent feeling of lack. Financial or other material problems play a role, because the mouse signals that there is always something missing or too little.

Dream Interpretation Mouse

In a dream, the mouse is to be understood as an ambassador and mediator of the unconscious. It wants to establish a connection between the depths of the soul and the consciousness of the dreamer. There are themes, emotions or matters that are interwoven, even if this link has not yet been recognized by the dreamer.

Positive Aspects

The mouse stands for a lucky coincidence or fortunate circumstances. A lucky mouse means that the dreamer can expect a positive turn in a matter quite surprisingly. It is the small signs that are relevant. An apparent trifle will therefore lead to a happy development.

Negative Aspects

The downside of the mouse includes hectic and restlessness.

A mouse running around or wild can indicate a lack of understanding in the dreamer’s life. At the same time, the dreamer will feel an inner restlessness in the coming time, which is not justified. The overview of the overall events is missing and causes the feeling of insecurity.