The buffalo is a very powerful and strong animal. He brings the endurance, strength and perseverance. For him, giving up is not an option. On the contrary, because abundance is achieved with persistence.

The quadruped lives in herds on the continents of Africa, America and Asia. Its massive build and shoulders are striking to the observer and are described as imposing. For humans, the vegetarian is versatile. The meat is used for food, the skin is used to make tents, and the fat is used to make healing ointments. The buffalo’s feeding usually takes place in the morning and evening hours or at night. Among its few natural enemies, besides humans, are lions and leopards.

Power Animal Buffalo

The power animal buffalo shows that personally set goals are achieved with the necessary perseverance and tenacity. Perseverance and continuous work will excel. Abundance and wealth are to be expected when working with this power animal on the energetic level. Demands on others will not be helpful in achieving goals. Power comes from within and will lead to following the path of the heart.

Positive Consideration

The buffalo illustrates that we have free will and should follow it. Peacefully and in accordance with the natural laws, the animal comes closer to its specifications. In addition, mutual support takes place. In the herd, each other is respected and taken into consideration.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is not very flexible. Stubborn and narrow-minded, the buffalo follows his ideas and ideals. In addition, he is said to be stingy and vulnerable. The few natural enemies quickly overwhelm him, because he can adapt to changing living conditions only moderately. The pretense that only hard work leads to the goal is often a hindrance to spontaneously arising opportunities.

Dream Interpretation Buffalo

In der Traumdeutung ist der Büffel ein Signalgeber für den Erfolg der eigenen Tatkraft. Wer sich seine Ziele vor Augen führt und Ablenkungen Abbitte zeigt, wird Fülle und Reichtum ernten. Die Konzentration ist ganz auf die Fortschritte zu richten, damit sich der gewünschte Erfolg einstellt.

Positive Aspects

The strength and energy will be sufficient to successfully overcome the current challenges. Obstacles will be overcome with an intelligent approach and perseverance. The buffalo helps the dreamer and supports in weak moments, so that long-cherished wishes will come true.

Negative Aspects

If you don’t admit to yourself that setting a goal is unrealistic, you will burn yourself out and experience a loss of strength. Imbalance, stubbornness and egoism are the consequences. Conflicts are then to be expected within the social environment.