The bull is a powerful and strong creature. Following his stature, he can appear impulsive and assertive. The masculine and thus the masculine strength are expressed by him.

The name bull is synonymous with the taurus. Both are a male sexually mature cattle. A castrated male bovine is called a ox, but since it shows marked changes in behavior and nature, it is given a different name. The female form is the cow and the young animal is titled a young bull until it reaches sexual maturity.

Bulls are rarely found in the wild anymore. They have been domesticated and are found all over the world. As livestock for humans, they are mainly kept in barns or on pastures. The animals live in groups and are vegetarians. As food for humans they are kept with a very great popularity.

Power Animal Bull

The power animal bull embodies personal efficiency. The inner strength of the animal is enormous. On the energetic level, the animal symbolizes masculinity and assertiveness. Therefore, the power animal conveys how to effectively use one’s potential. Likewise, the bull mobilizes a range of existing emotions. Anger, aggressiveness and hostility come to the surface. What needs to be clarified is the original trigger of the emotional world. Third parties are not always involved. Often own disappointments are hidden behind it.

Positive Consideration

Becoming aware of the existing drive engines can increase the overall pace of life. In addition, vitality is strengthened. Thus an improvement of the quality of life is to be expected. The upcoming tasks should be approached consciously and purposefully. The intensity of one’s own activities contributes significantly to a change.

Negative Consideration

The power animal bull expresses ruthlessness in addition to strength. The positions of fellow human beings are little taken into account in one’s own planning. A flexible approach is not to be expected. Likewise, little empathy is brought to the environment.

Dream Interpretation Bull

In dream interpretation, the bull is the symbol of strength, procreative ability and assertion of one’s own goals. Those who are ready to face the everyday struggle will be successful. Financial matters develop favorably and can be the opportunity for further changes.

Positive Aspects

As a winner in an arena, the bull or bull is interpreted as a symbol of luck. Opponents will lose out and own projects will be completed successfully.

If the dreamer pursues a bull, favorable opportunities will present themselves. A patron or friend will remove possible obstacles.

Negative Aspects

The quadruped is known by its reckless and not very prudent behavior. There is a threat of situations in which bad decisions will be made. Eogism, provocation and stubbornness will result in failure.

If the bull pursues the dreamer, this is to be understood as a warning. Losses or defeats are imminent.