An adult lion has no natural enemies in its territory. He is an authoritative animal, which symbolizes power, strength and self-confidence.

Lions live mainly in steppes and savannas. They are mainly at home in warm areas on the continents of Asia and Europe. The lion is often called the king of the animals by people. Its external appearance triggers respect. The predator knows no natural enemies in its habitats. Only man can become a danger for him. Unlike other cats, these four-legged creatures live in packs and are classified as panthers.

The hearing of a lion is used for orientation. Its sense of smell also plays a major role in hunting, marking its own territory and mating. Almost the entire day the lion is in a resting position or in a twilight state. Lions live in prides and are often associated with power or strength.

Power Animal Lion

The power animal Leo wants to remind that self-control, strength and control should have a greater place in life. Hasty actions are not desirable. Developments should be calmly observed and summed up before decisions are made. Unnecessary discussions or not fully matured results are not advisable. Power and strength arise when sufficient energy has been charged beforehand.

Positive Consideration

As soon as Leo appears on the energetic level, confidence in one’s own competencies should be strengthened. An upright posture, an authoritative charisma and courage are necessary to succeed in the current life situation. The protection of people from the close environment is just as important as one’s own positive presentation. The will to win increases and should be encouraged accordingly.

Negative Consideration

The lion is often said to be arrogant and overbearing. Since he spends about 20 hours of the day with composure, sleeping or dozing, evil tongues call him self-important. In addition, the predator is said to be aggressive and uncontrolled behavior. Those who show weakness in real life will have problems asserting their own power or authority.

Dream Interpretation Lion

If the lion appears in a dream, one’s own strengths should be brought more into focus. The awareness of the existing potentials and the inner strength are an important process in the life of the dreamer. The animal prompts to stabilize the self-confidence and to transport it to the outside.

A roaring lion is to be understood as a warning signal.
Fighting lions are interpreted as coming successful developments.
A lion’s skin indicates prosperity.
Being eaten by a lion is an indication of the loss of one’s own soul parts.
If a lion eats a killed animal, enemies are defeated.

Positive Aspects

The physical and spiritual powers expressed by a lion are to be used for the protection of all. Resentment and enemies in one’s own ranks will not be tolerated from now on. Whoever goes against the dreamer should bear the consequences.

Negative Aspects

Leo warns against abuse of power, arrogance and arrogance. One’s own behavior should be reconsidered and reviewed. It can lead to misunderstandings if the existing self-confidence is misinterpreted by others. It is helpful to also ask for and consider the opinions of others. In addition, decisions made should be explained in an understandable way.