The butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis. It announces phases of complete change. At the same time it brings colorfulness and lightness.

The butterfly exists worldwide in over 160,000 different species. In the insect kingdom, it is one of the most diverse animals, along with the beetle family. With the exception of Antarctica, it can be found on every continent of our planet. Colorful, it can be seen almost exclusively in good weather conditions. Butterflies are divided into day and night butterflies. Similar to bees, they have a proboscis, which serves them as a food intake.

The visual acuity of insects is severely limited. Moreover, they are naturally short-sighted creatures that develop from a caterpillar by pupation. Movements, on the other hand, they can perceive very well. The butterfly can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly by pupation. The process is called metamorphosis.

Power Animal Butterfly

The power animal butterfly stands for transformation, transformation and change. A phase of complete renewal is imminent. With lightness and a pinch of playfulness the processes of one’s own life are to be considered. The colorfulness of the environment and thus the versatility are to receive more attention. A retreat for introspection was indicated in order to be able to discard outdated patterns. Now comes the time when already completed consciousness processes can be transported to the outside. Changes of behavior, views and ways of thinking experience a reshaping.

Positive Consideration

The beauty of one’s own being and of the world surrounding us experiences a reordering. Previously unnoticed impressions are recognized, understood and comprehended on a new level. Life as a whole seems to become easier. Access to what was previously closed is made possible. The sweetness of life is to be tasted.

The butterfly expresses the process of death and rebirth. The fear of letting something go or die is minimized when there is a prospect of something new and more beautiful. Nectar is ingested with the butterfly’s proboscis. As a result, the sweetness of life arrives.

Negative Consideration

The ability to see is not strongly developed in the butterfly. Therefore, obvious events immediately in front of the eye of the observer can still remain hidden. In addition, butterflies are very delicate creatures that need to protect themselves well. A small carelessness can already lead to the destruction of something special and unique. Therefore, excessive demands, uncertainty or rough actions must be avoided. They would otherwise bring fragility.

True to its form of locomotion, the butterfly is said to have a certain flutteriness. The insect is unstable, restless and restless. It comes to rest only in hiding places and well-protected areas. In real life, this can indicate overstraining or easy vulnerability.

Dream Interpretation Butterfly

If the butterfly appears in a dream, a time of transformation is at hand. Inner and outer changes come into life and bring more ease. As if by itself, new doors will now open, behind which opportunities as well as possibilities for new projects are hidden.

Positive Aspects

Freedom, joy and positive developments are to be expected. The butterfly wants to signal that the time for departure has come and new stages of life are ready for the dreamer. Life brings changes, which are manifold and therefore may be welcomed with optimistic basic thoughts.

If a butterfly flutters from flower to flower or over a meadow, it announces the end of a difficult time. Burdens fall from the shoulders and lightheartedness will characterize everyday life.

Negative Aspects

The butterfly brings impermanence, can contribute to a time of restlessness and opacity. The goal ahead is not seen and yet is to be achieved instinctively. This can trigger excessive demands and thus conditionally lead to a destruction of existing ideas.

If a butterfly dies in the dream or if the butterfly is already dead, the lack of feasibility of an idea is to be expected.
If the butterfly flutters around aimlessly, careless actions should be avoided.