The buzzard is a vigilant and attentive creature. With him the introspection, the power of observation and the sense of responsibility come into our lives.

The buzzard is a bird of prey from the hawk family. The short-tailed sea hawk is visually difficult to distinguish from an eagle. The birds prefer open landscapes, meadows or the heath. Circling they move over the wide areas and scout the region. In winter, the partial migrants fly from the colder to the warmer climes of Central Europe.

The birds of prey breed in trees, building nests that go very deep. This serves the protection, because the brood and young are not to be seen in this way in the nest. Natural enemies of the ground hunter include the eagle owl, crows, the goshawk, martens and humans. They themselves feed on small mammals, such as mice, carrion, snakes, lizards, turtles, earthworms or insects.

Power Animal Buzzard

The power animal buzzard brings inner balance. The attentive observer observes everything below him in a circular flight from an elevated position. Before he acts, everything is carefully inspected and scouted. It becomes clear from which direction the next events will come and which weak points are present in overcoming the challenges. This creates an advantage that is goal-oriented.

Positive Consideration

The power animal shows in which areas there are energetic disturbances. It warns against the effects of gossip and energy robbery. In the work with the power animal buzzard can be learned how an assumption of responsibility in everyday life can be built up and kept stable.

Negative Consideration

The Sea Glider announces that the time has come to take responsibility for past misconduct. Long forgotten missteps and scars of the soul will demand attention. A confrontation with all that was gladly ignored begins.

Dream Interpretation Buzzard

In dream interpretation, the buzzard is a symbol of warning of unpleasant developments. He warns of gossip and upcoming consequences of misconduct.

If the animal circles above the ground, there will soon be conflicts and exposures of wrong behavior.
If the bird of prey observes the surroundings, disagreements are present and will soon be recognized and understood.

Positive Aspects

Light comes into the dark. Secrets are revealed and an inscrutable situation becomes clearer for the dreamer in the near future. False friends show their true colors and scandals are revealed.

Negative Aspects

If the dreamer has behaved wrongly or hurt other people’s feelings recently, he will now take responsibility for it. If he is meticulously observed by the buzzard in the dream, it is time to critically question his own decisions and actions.