Cardinal is a colorful and cheerful bird. He brings the joy of life and liveliness into life. The trusting animal stands for communication.

Cardinals are passerine birds and native to North and Central America. The Red Cardinal or Red Cardinal is the best known of its species and is very conspicuous with its red plumage. They live in large flocks outside of the breeding season and remain within their home range throughout the year. Cardinals make friends with humans and become tame much like budgies.

The birds make an important contribution to the ecological balance by eating insect pests. Like all passerine birds, cardinals are notable for their song and voice. They are often heard in duet with their mate.

Power Animal Cardinal

The power animal Cardinal brings joie de vivre and color into your life. With this power animal joy of life and cheerfulness increase. Music, looseness and a feeling of inner relaxation play an important role at the moment. The challenges of life are more easily overcome as soon as this power animal appears. The exchange with others does good and leads to a sociable togetherness.

Positive Consideration

A time of exuberance and cheerfulness dawns. Heaviness, brooding or strenuous physical work fades into the background. With the power animal Cardinal, many events are followed with an inner serenity and lived with like-minded people.

Negative Consideration

The power animal could possibly be accused of a lack of sense of responsibility and discipline. The laissez-faire attitude can be shared with other people, but at the same time leads to envy and resentment.

Dream Interpretation Cardinal

In dream interpretation, the cardinal brings fun, joy and looseness. Together with friends happy hours are enjoyed. The exchange with others does good and leads to joint ventures.

Positive Aspects

The sociability increases. The dreamer currently finds it easy to meet new people and have a good time with them. Leisure activities are more important than the fulfillment of duties at the moment.

Negative Aspects

Fears, worries and hardships are pushed aside. At the moment, attention is focused on a comfortable pastime. This can lead to important errands being neglected and lead to bigger problems down the road.