Capricorn reminds us of our own will. The stronger this is, the more likely it is that goals will be achieved. Growth takes place when all efforts are purposeful.

Ibexes like mountains, rocks and stony slopes. They climb steep walls and mountain slopes in a herd. In summer they are found in higher areas. In winter, on the other hand, they often stay in meadows because they find more food there. Ruminants are less demanding in their choice of food than, for example, deer. They like herbs, nibble on soft woods, and eat buds. Juicy tree bark, mosses and grasses are also on their menu.

Ibex are often found in sunny ledges, as these give them an unobstructed view of their surroundings. This makes them feel safer from their natural enemies. These include bears, wolves, the snow leopard and lynxes. But also large birds of prey such as the eagle prey on the young of the ibex.

Power Animal Capricorn

The power animal Capricorn reminds us that goals can be achieved with few means. Only one’s own strength and will are necessary to mobilize oneself sufficiently. One’s own territory should be well scouted to avoid surprises. The power animal brings the courage to master even difficult challenges with flying colors. Those who are full of endurance and show stamina will be rewarded. Tenacious and brave, the power animal faces its set tasks even in the face of setbacks. Abandonment, escape or pushing away the assumed responsibility are out of the question. Promises were made and they are kept.

Positive Consideration

The Capricorn is a real fighter. No obstacle he shies away from and no path is too steep for him. He asserts himself, is disciplined and never loses sight of his goal. The courage to strengthen his own will and the strength to get through everything are expressed through him. Mistakes can only be learned from. They are not defeats, but setbacks that are subordinated to the goal of improvement. The animal lives in a barren environment. The true wealth is to be found inside of every human being.

Negative Consideration

The power animal Capricorn is sometimes funless. Overcorrect, very strict and little flexible it is perceived. With the goal in mind, no distractions are allowed for the purpose of life-saving. Hard work is in the foreground. Defiance and stubbornness also belong to the shadow sides of the power animal. The lack of adaptability as well as the fanatical pursuit of right and justice ensure that actions are taken without reflection.

Dream Interpretation Capricorn

In dream interpretation, Capricorn is a symbol of success. Those who remain focused will be able to work through many tasks in the coming days. The animal brings the foundation for further developments. This creates a basis on which to build.

Positive Aspects

There is a sense of satisfaction as the reward for the work done becomes apparent. The arduousness and focus on the essentials are now recognized. The hardship of life not only brings sacrifices, but will also produce results in the near future. The effort has paid off and will be rewarded accordingly.

Negative Aspects

The serious side of life is setting in. Anyone who wants to overturn plans or present other proposals will meet with resistance. There is a lack of inner as well as outer flexibility. The horned beast reminds us that there is currently no room for fun and frolic. Hard work, correctness and discipline come first – no matter what distractions lure.