The centaur is a mythical creature and symbolizes the strength of will, struggle and assertiveness. He combines the natural instincts with the intellect.

The centaur is also called centaur or horse man. The mythical creature has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. The hybrid creature originates from Greek mythology. Centaurs are a peculiar and wild people. The creatures live in the forests and are difficult to find. They have a good knowledge of natural healing as well as astrology. They are battle-ready and intelligent quadrupeds.

Power Animal Centaur

The power animal centaur stands for assertiveness and willpower. The mythical creatures have a good accuracy and are excellent fighters. On the energetic level, therefore, they bring the endurance and superiority in a confrontation. With this power animal, we learn that some things are not as they may seem at first glance.

Positive Consideration

The centaur mobilizes the inner forces. He asks to work on one’s own competences and to broaden one’s mental horizon. With discipline and diligence the goals are reached. The art of healing becomes accessible with this energetic companion.

Negative Consideration

With this power animal, the connection to the dark or unwanted parts of the soul is established. The mythical creature shows which qualities need to be worked on and which shadows still exist. The contact with these energies can be painful, but brings peace through the dissolution of the energies.

Dream Interpretation Centaur

In dream interpretation, the centaur is a sign of the union of natural instincts and the existing intelligence. The virtues and judgment are tested.

Positive Aspects

The quadruped is ready to fight and can assert himself. The dreamer currently has enormous assertiveness and knows how to successfully prove himself against competitors or adversaries.

Negative Aspects

The centaur is considered an exhibitionist. Thus, he promotes libidinousness and sexuality. This can be perceived as negative or repulsive in the environment.