The centipede is a symbol of order and concentration. The insect shows the possibility of coordination despite various influencing factors.

The millipede is a arthropod and is found almost worldwide. It prefers areas with temperate or tropical climate. To ensure its survival, it requires moisture and darkness. It is therefore often found under rotten branches, in undergrowth or compost.

Some species of the land dweller already lived 400 million years ago. The animals feed on dead plant material. Their natural enemies include ants, birds or rodents such as mice, beavers, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats.

Power Animal Centipede

The power animal centipede lets us know that we will go our way forward in a stable and safe way. In full concentration we move forward. We succeed in coordinating all influencing factors well with each other, so that success will come. Darkness gives strength and serves as protection. Retreat and inner return therefore bring a strengthening of the energy body.

Positive Consideration

Even difficult obstacles and hurdles are easily overcome by the limb animal. The ground dweller even manages to walk vertically up the walls. With a change of perspective, it therefore wants to encourage us on the energetic level to take a new look at the current circumstances. With a new assessment comes a positive change.

Negative Consideration

The millipede does not like direct sunlight or dry soils. If there are no optimal living conditions for him he dies. The power animal reminds you to know your own needs well and to take good care of yourself, otherwise a significant decrease in well-being threatens.

Dream Interpretation Centipede

If the insect appears in a dream, one’s own motives for action should be questioned. Feelings and emotions are to be considered more closely by the dreamer, so that no wrong or dishonest behavior results from it.

Positive Aspects

Every path begins with the first step. There are several aspects or elements that must be coordinated with each other. This will succeed because calmness and serenity will help.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer is subject to the possibility of revenge. The centipede warns him of his own behavior. The dreamer himself is not aware of certain emotional mechanisms. If he does not examine them more closely, he will harm or hurt someone.