Chaffinch is a songbird that announces good news and new developments. With him the joy of life and fun returns to life.

Chaffinches belong to the sparrow family. The songbirds live in Europe to Siberia and in North Africa. Visually, the females differ clearly from the males. The latter have a much more colorful plumage than the females. Finches are found in trees, shrubs, orchards, hedgerows and large gardens. Chaffinches living in the north are partial migrants. During the winter months, they leave their homes and fly to warmer regions. Chaffinches feed on seeds and berries. In addition, insects or spiders living on the ground are also on their menu.

At the beginning of the breeding season, the male marks the territory by singing loudly while building the nest. The female is solely responsible for building the nest. She alone provides the material such as bark or branch parts and takes over the entire construction.

Power Animal Chaffinch

The power animal chaffinch announces through its song a time of news and glad tidings. Messages are transmitted and new things are born. Experiences or everyday worries are to go. One’s own attitude to current events is to be examined and optimized. The chaffinch reminds that there is no reason for negative thoughts, because just the fact that life is there is enough for a cheerfulness.

Positive Consideration

The chaffinch gives pleasure with its sounds. It defends its territory and ensures that strangers are kept away. As soon as the gaze is directed towards oneself, the inner forces increase in intensity. The motivation for change and transformation of the processes is promoted.

Negative Consideration

The songbird wants to make clear that expectations should not be too high. The inner pressure has increased in the past weeks or months and causes stress as well as discomfort. The attention should be directed to other areas, so that an improvement occurs.

Dream interpretation chaffinch

In dream interpretation the chaffinch announces joy of life. Movement comes into deadlocked structures or projects. Freedom and departure are associated with the bird.

Positive Aspects

A fresh breeze brings momentum into life. If it is welcomed with open arms, everything seems possible. Apparent opposites combine and unite.

Negative Aspects

Those who need security and focus too much on it lose the positive impulses of the spring bird. Opportunities are not used because they mean transformation. Nevertheless, they would be important to build up a better attitude towards life.