Insects are on the energetic level a symbol for matters that cost nerves. In addition, they indicate processes of the unconscious.

There are different types of insects. They include bees, ants, worms, dragonflies, lice, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, snails, butterflies, bugs, termites and beetles. They occur in flocks or live in colonies. To maintain the ecosystem, they are important creatures. Unfortunately, they are also among the largest vectors of disease.

Their lifespan can last from a few hours or days to many decades, depending on the species. Some species have the ability to metamorphose and change their visual appearance tremendously over their overall lifespan. Species distributed throughout the world have extraordinary physiques and some have fascinating abilities. Some of them are well able to ensure the continuity of their family even under enormous changes in living conditions.

Power Animal Insects

Insects as power animals are usually considered unpleasant energetic companions. However, they illustrate that the power of community can lead to success. By adhering to existing rules as well as hierarchies, peak performance can be achieved. Seemingly impossible things become possible without the need for much thought. Instincts are sharpened and bring about the achievement of goals.

Positive Consideration

In the energetic work with the insects such qualities as teamwork, diligence, discipline, organization, activity and productivity are promoted. Backing and support are certain. This power animal reveals unconscious patterns that want to be worked on and understood.

Negative Consideration

If insects crawl or fly through our energy field, they indicate nervous stress and irritability. Indisposition, weakness or excessive demands become apparent. Some species are considered vermin and trigger aversion. As a power animal, they admonish against decisions that lead to a weakening of the energy field.

Dream Interpretation Insects

In dream interpretation insects show illness and loss, but also collectively achieved gains and strength. The animals show unconscious experiences and experiences that have not yet been processed.

Positive Aspects

If the dreamer wakes up with a positive feeling, the animals bring success on all levels. Everything seems possible and set goals will be achieved with the support of all. The dreamer will grow beyond himself.

Negative Aspects

If an uneasy feeling remains after the dream, the insects warn of deception. The dreamer could be deceived and overreached by others. He should also make sure that he does not infect sick people or animals.