The chameleon has a unique ability to change. Within a few minutes, it can visually adapt to the environment and thus camouflage itself optimally.

The chameleon has a unique ability to change. Within minutes it can optically adapt to the environmentaAs a master of camouflage and deception, the chameleon can perfectly adapt optically to the current environment within a few minutes. Its body shell takes on the colors of the environment and thus remains undetected by enemies. This ability to change is unique in nature and at the same time serves in the mating fight to prevail against the competitor.

The chameleon also stands out as a successful climber and hunter. Lizards moves skillfully through narrow rock faces and keeps its balance even under difficult conditions. As a quick-change artist, it remains undetected by its prey until the very end. Its sticky tongue eventually makes it impossible for its prey to escape.

It is difficult to trust this fascinating reptil. He hides his true identity. As a result, he is admired and has many fans, but must always rely on his own abilities.

Power Animal Chameleon

The power animal chameleon wants to illustrate that we can take care of ourselves very well. With a remarkable adaptability, we can remain unnoticed by adversaries. Quickly and with little effort, the chameleon transforms and thus does not attract attention in an existing environment. In the midst of a crowd, this animal can retreat as it is simply overlooked.

This animal has maximum flexibility and can adapt well to changing conditions. Moreover, it has the ability to look in all directions at the same time. Thus, nothing escapes its attention. All movements are registered and evaluated accordingly. This allows it to react quickly and safely.

Each color that a chameleon can assume has a certain meaning and symbolizes a different emotional state accordingly. Through the color theory, it can therefore be at least a little unmasked for others.

Positive Consideration

The all-round view of the power animal ensures that all important aspects in one’s life are noticed. People who have something to hide cannot withstand the intense gaze of the power animal. Thus, their motives are revealed.

The chameleon brings a great deal of flexibility. This makes it immensely easier to shape one’s own life. Joy and variety come into everyday life. With this energetic companion, you try yourself out and then see if the decision was right or should be improved.

Negative Consideration

The unsteadiness of the chameleon is difficult for many. Emotional fluctuations and moodiness are said to occur with a regular change of appearance. There is a lack of continuity and reliability. Those who move too adjusted will experience rejection, reap criticism and lose touch with themselves.

Likewise, many fellow human beings feel uncomfortable with permanent observation. The space for intimacy is no longer given for others if they are permanently stared at and their every move is registered. Rather, they feel harassed or, in the worst case, even persecuted.

Dream Interpretation Chameleon

If the chameleon appears in a dream, several changes are about to take place. In the coming time, an inner calmness and quick reactions are required. In the life of the dreamer it becomes colorful.

With a good ability to adapt, hurdles can be successfully overcome. The dreamer has a good view of his environment and can react to various signals in time. It is possible to choose between several survival strategies in order to shape the current phase of life optimally.

Positive Aspects

Creativity and the ability to achieve a complete change with few means come to life. Even with rigid patterns, there will be an opportunity to achieve their own goals. If the dreamer gets involved in the existing guidelines, he can score. As soon as the time is ripe for further transformations, the dreamer will be the first to recognize this.

Negative Aspects

The dark side of the chameleon includes the danger of losing oneself and denying one’s true self. Not wanting to disappoint anyone leads to a loss of one’s own identity. Lack of trust and closeness are possible.

The animal in the dream indicates friends who will not be faithful in real life in times of need. Their behavior will change direction like a flag in the wind.