The chamois is a symbol of the desire for freedom. The animal reminds of the helpful knowledge of the herbs from nature.

Chamois live in the Alps, the Balkans and the Caucasus. The strong legs of the hoofed animals help them to move over stony and mountainous landscapes. The high mountains serve as a retreat for the horned beasts. The chamois belongs to the goat-like animals and is very similar to them in behavior. The herbivore lovewols herbs and is often found in forests in winter.

The females and the young live in herds. The bucks, on the other hand, are solitary and seek the proximity of their conspecifics only during the mating season. The predators of the quadrupeds include the eagle, wolves, bears and the lynx.

Power Animal Chamois

The power animal chamois shows the need for freedom. As a border crosser, even great challenges are overcome by one’s own drive. Difficult tasks can be mastered with this power animal. Courage is encouraged and the willingness to solve current problems is given. Sure-footed, even demanding paths are mastered.

Positive Consideration

The chamois, as a lover of herbs, makes the connection with herbalism. The knowledge of natural healers can be the solution to a current situation. Who is willing to take a manageable risk will find a successful solution with this power animal and mountain guide.

Negative Consideration

Chamois is often the victim of predators and ruthless inhabitants of the earth. It needs the protection of the rocks and difficult conditions, so that it is not too quickly overtaken by others. The ungulate is on its own and can not expect help from others.

Dream Interpretation Chamois

If the chamois appears in a dream, the dreamer can be sure that he will find a solution to the current challenges. It will be he himself who, with his possibilities, will have ideas on how to master everything.

If the chamois jumps in a dream, the desire for freedom and independence is stronger than it is currently consciously perceived.

Positive Aspects

An unexpected opportunity will arise that should be seized. The chamois lets the dreamer know that nothing is to be lost and there is a way out.

Negative Aspects

The cooperation of other people in a project will not take place. The liberation of a constricting situation can be achieved through one’s own action steps.