The cow embodies the female principle like hardly any other animal. Maternity is attributed to her. The four-legged creature provides for us in many ways.

The cow is a creature that brings us back to our source. On the energetic level, the mammal embodies the feminine side. The animal provides for us and therefore brings us closer to the awareness of the origin of life.

The herbivore is native to our region. The imposing appearance of the cow symbolizes the power that emanates from the animal. This creature provides man with everything he needs to survive. Cows, like goats, provide meat, milk and fur for clothing or blankets. Tools can be made from the bones of cows. The horns serve as musical instruments or drinking vessels.

Power Animal Cow

The power animal cow announces a phase in which fertility, fulfillment and blessings come into life. The connection to one’s source is established and brings further development into a desired stability. Previous deprivations or renunciation are now exchanged for happiness and abundance.

On professional as well as on private level a time of upswing and improvement announces itself. The power animal wants to express that the inner forces will become stronger and the cornucopia will pour out over the person concerned.

Positive Consideration

The cow brings motherhood to the fore. The qualities of a mother will play an important role through its own motherhood or as a metaphor. Life offers everything that is needed to trigger a positive development.

Love and fulfillment await the person in the coming time. One’s own creative potential can now be lived out. The cycle of life begins to flow in a pleasant way. Peace returns and happiness can be lived in various ways.

Negative Consideration

The power animal, despite all the positive attributes, also brings some uncomfortable aspects. A cow represents stagnation, naivety and comfort. If the cow steps into the life of the person concerned should be checked whether a victim attitude is lived. This must be discarded in order to welcome fulfillment in life.

The animal can be an expression of an existing operational blindness. The everyday life and the routine have led to the fact that changes and the change were not sufficiently integrated into the own life. Possibly others feed too much on the person concerned. He literally lets himself be milked by them.

Dream Interpretation Cow

In a dream, the cow symbolizes confidence and motherliness. In the near future, the dreamer will be granted happiness and pleasant changes. The feminine attributes such as affection, caring and understanding beautify everyday life.

If a cow is waiting to be milked, a wish will come true in the near future.

Positive Aspects

Even milking a cow means that the dreamer will have his luck in his own hands in the near future. He will be allowed to welcome changes in life with existing potential and creative activities.

If the cow is in a lush meadow, a happy phase of life is expected. A peaceful cow indicates balance.

Lying on a cowhide is an indication that other people have created a good basis for the dreamer professionally or privately,

Negative Aspects

If a cow is milked by a foreign hand, it should be checked whether other people take advantage of the dreamer.

A lean cow symbolizes a lack. The cycle between give & take is not in harmony. So that the cornucopia can show itself, stressors must be reduced and energy robbers must be put in their place.