The goat is an important farm animal for humans. It can provide food and warmth even in death. Thus, it is an important pillar in the survival of man.

The goats establish the balance. They are a symbol of vitality and their own life force. The frugal creatures take pleasure in little things. They are happy when they can explore light, air and nature around them. Goats, like cows, bring meat as well as milk to humans and are used to make blankets or other items.

On the energetic level, the goat brings healing and fertility. With it, the inner incentive to life is awakened. Despite adversity, it is necessary to prevail and overcome the hurdles of everyday life.

Power Animal Goat

The power animal goat asks you to check your own physical condition. Before decisions are made, it is important to go well-considered to the day’s work. The sounds of a goat trigger feelings of guilt in all those who weaken or manage their existence at the expense of others.

The horns of the animal make it clear that it is ready to fight its way out of all situations in life. No obstacle should permanently block her path. Goals are achieved with perseverance and strength.

Positive Consideration

The goat is a symbol of sexuality and fertility. Thanks to its physical condition, it bristles with destiny and brings forth new life. At the same time, the power animal is able to sufficiently provide for others. In this way, not only one’s own vitality is enhanced with the emergence of the power animal. One’s own resources can also support and help others.

The goat illustrates that we can think beyond our own horizon. As soon as the horizon is expanded, a new overall picture can appear.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal draws the attributes of a scapegoat. In order not to feel like one, one’s own destiny should be actively taken into one’s own hands. The lucky coincidences do not fall from the sky. They are achieved through continuous work.

The constant grumbling of the animal often makes the way more arduous than it should be. Although this creates motivation, it is difficult to endure for everyone present. There is a lack of lightness and cheerfulness.

Dream Interpretation Goat

If the goat appears in a dream, one’s sexual power should be checked. The inner drives want to be heeded.

The animal reminds to be frugal. Reaching for the stars is not necessary. The existing forces paired with sufficient perseverance can accomplish everything. The dreamer should be aware that in real life he will have to deal with a person to whom nothing can be done right. At the same time, however, his criticism is (partly) quite justified.

A white goat symbolizes a good development.
A black goat indicates a failed decision.

Positive Aspects

To see a goat running around symbolizes a positive development. If it jumps over obstacles and overcomes hurdles, there will also be good news and prospects in the life of the dreamer.

Good and well-considered action steps will bring success. Therefore, the creation of a plan is particularly valuable in the current situation.

Negative Aspects

Seeing a jumping goat indicates cockiness or recklessness, which must be avoided. Otherwise, an undesirable development may occur.

Seeing a goat in a dream signals narrow-mindedness, intransigence and aggressiveness to the dreamer. He should urgently optimize his behavior and open himself to the sensitivities of his fellow human beings.