The deer is considered shy and gentle. It moves elegantly and flees when it senses danger. The connection to the heart is promoted by this animal.

The roe deer lives well hidden in wooded areas. It is related to the stag  or the elk. It is most likely to be seen at dawn or dusk. It can often be seen in packs in large secluded pastures or grasslands. The distance to humans is always large. As soon as unfamiliar noises are heard, the deer takes flight. Only those who know how to move quietly and slowly can stay near the animal for a long time.

On the energetic level, it is about mindfulness, gentleness and consideration for the emotions of others. The deer embodies grace, beauty, delicacy and grace. It is subtle and invites you to feel.

Power Animal Deer

The power animal deer stands for the connection of energy to one’s own heart. It shows the innocence and openness of every living being. It wants to point to the purity of all earthlings. As soon as it appears, we should stop and look at the environment. The beautiful is to be brought into focus, as it seems to have slipped out of view due to challenges of everyday life.

The subtle and innocent soul energy is stimulated. Security and love should flow through all cells of the body. The power animal wants to make clear that the time of heaviness is over. The sensation of the fine and soft energies is now in the foreground.

Positive Consideration

The deer leads us to our inner center. Deep within us, the warm and soft energies are to be consciously stimulated. The gentleness towards ourselves is promoted. Our inner beauty shows itself in full splendor. The negative traits or those marked by life become less.

With this power animal, peace and trust return. Time heals existing wounds and allows forgiveness. With compassion and mutual consideration current life situations improve.

Negative Consideration

The power animal shows the timidity, helplessness, impatience and the hasty decisions. At the smallest shocks the flight is taken. There is a lack of patience and verification of the facts. A retreat is decided too hastily and creates a distance towards the environment.

Fears, naivety and self-pity are given too much attention. The feeling of helplessness is manifested and should be overcome.

Dream Interpretation Deer

The deer in a dream wants to indicate the existing cordiality of the dreamer. At the same time it represents the vulnerability and the experienced traumatic events. The dreamer is pointed out that the scars of the past are healing. The tender sides of the self are again more strongly perceived and shown.

Seeing a deer indicates that approaching happiness should not be destroyed by one’s own guilt.
Shooting a deer suggests that hasty action leads to a wasted opportunity.
A tame deer announces success and happiness in partnership.
Running away deer announce losses and distance.

Positive Aspects

The deer recognizes danger immediately and sometimes even too early. This ability lets the dreamer know that no more injuries are possible. Rather, the time has come to make new contacts. Contentment and positive developments announce themselves with the deer.

Negative Aspects

In the case of a careless, clumsy or too well-intentioned support, the people from the personal environment can feel thrown out of the loop. They are scared away by their own behavior.